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We Got Lucky: Look back on Love Senior Fanmeeting Manila

Girls' Love (GL) fans surely ended their April with a bang as stars of Love Senior the Series held their fanmeeting at Teatrino Greenhills last April 27, 2024. Fans have been geared up for months since the fanmeeting announcement last January And surely, the cast members Anda Anunta, Lookkaew Kamollak, Noon Thunyaphat and Praewa Putticha lived up to the expectations and went all out.

A day prior to the event, the 4 girls even made an appearance at the Special Cafe event held at Drinklab Cafe in Cubao, much to the delight of the attendees. They chitchatted, posed for photos and even gave a sneak preview of a number they were gonna perform at the fanmeeting.

It should be noted that the 4 cast members are also part of the 12-member girlgroup, Cosmos, that sang the series OST, "You Get Lucky". And of course, what better way to start the show than with the performance of said song.

They started off with an acoustic version of the song and ended with the original upbeat pop version, much to the amusement of the audience.

They played various games which not only made the crowd laugh out loud but also showed their chemistry with one another as well as their respective partners. While Noonpraewa surely nailed showing off how well they know each other, AndaLookkaew gave such comic relief with the way they tried to interconnect their completely opposite answers. Talk about sharing the same braincell though.

The pairs each gave their own performances as well with Andalookkaew performing Mosbank's "Between Us" while NoonPraewa gave one fiery performance. Then, the 4 girls were back together onstage to perform Sbfive's "Spark".

As a surprise to the fans, the girls came out on stage wearing a Philippine costume and did a bit of a traditional dance. Little did they know that the fans have a surprise for them as well as a video message played onscreen. The girls were truly touched and were on the verge of tears. But it did not turn into a sobfest as cute bouquets were handed to the girls while celebratory cakes were brought out for birthday girls Anda, and Lookkaew, who coincidentally was celebrating her birthday on the day of the fanmeeting.

Later on, the girls performed ppop hits "Gento" and "Pantropiko", wowing fans yet again for their dedication to learn the songs and the accompanying dances.

The last part of the event was definitely what the fans looked forward to, aside from the hitouch that took place earlier on. Photo-op and fansigning were done at the end.

To say that it was a fully-packed fanmeeting would be quite an understatement. Despite the fact that this is Wish Us Luck's initial foray into the GL world, they absolutely brought immense satisfaction to the fans and it's quite apparent that the Love Senior cast members had their fair share of fun too.

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