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A vibrant, giddy Whee In shares stories and hints of her upcoming Manila concert

Despite the scorching hot weather of the Philippines, the Manila air feels enchanting again as K-Pop Soloist Jung Whee In, has returned to Manila.

Whee In debuted in 2014 as a member of K-Pop girl group, Mamamoo, with a showcase of their lead single "MR. AMBIGUOUS". After 4 years of group projects, she made her solo debut with a single album entitled "Magnolia" and its chart-topping hit "EASY". Known as a vocal powerhouse, she released many more fan-anticipated albums such as "WHEE" and her latest, "IN THE MOOD".

Whee In showed up in a white cropped-top dress shirt, adorned with leather buckles partnered with flowy black trousers, an ensemble fit for a strong-independent woman. She shyly steps onto the stage introducing herself as "Mamamoo's Wheein from Korea".

Sam Oh, the host of the event, started by asking Whee In what she missed the last time she was in Manila. Whee In giddily answered "It was sad but last time I wasn't able to enjoy a lot of food here because we were so busy, so this time I really want to try a lot of things especially "Crispy Pata". She also had a cute mistake in mentioning "Crispy Pata", saying "Crispy Tapa" at first.

Whee In could not hide her excitement as she shared her stories with the first few stops of her tour and also shared her thoughts on her first time as a soloist performing for her Filo-Moos. "After the MyCon Concert, I really received a lot of anticipation from the fans for me to visit again. I took that as an energy to come back to the Philippines & do my concert. So I will do my best."

As a Sunbae in the industry and still someone who considers herself "with a lot of potential", she shared how she balances being a successful artist and an individual who continues to dream of reaching personal milestones. She shared how her recent albums "WHEE" and "IN THE MOOD" revealed her diverse forms and how the fans were eager to uncover what songs best described her.

Sam Oh: "Let's talk about your writing process, your process of making music. What is your inspiration?"

Whee In: "I get inspiration from everything in my daily life. For example, my pet [Ggomo]. I also write songs about my fans. I get inspiration from them, from the love that they sent me."

Sam Oh: If you were to introduce yourself as a song, which one would it be?

Whee In: " If I were to introduce myself as a song it would be "불꽃 (Spark)". It's because it has a lot of varieties in it. It's slow and at the same time hip and a very energetic song so I believe that it's the same for me as a person. I have a lot of varieties in me."

불꽃 (Spark) is the 4th track on Whee In's 1st full album "In The Mood".

Having been traveling to various stages for nearly a decade, the first few months have unsurprisingly felt new for Whee In as she started her first solo concert. She openly shared about her struggles and wins - not missing out on mentioning her fans and MAMAMOO as a continuous source of motivation.

Sam Oh: "How has it been so far touring as a solo artist, and how would you compare touring by yourself to touring as part of a group?"

Whee In: "The difference would be if I'm alone I have my own color and vibes but with Mamamoo, each of the four of us, have different personalities so all together that creates different vibes all throughout."

Sam Oh: "Was there anything new you discovered as you went solo?"

Whee In: "I think learning on controlling my mind. When we were touring as a group [usually] if there's something that we miss, each of the members help each other out. Now that I am alone, I talk to myself sometimes about what to do and how I can do things better."

With her smooth-like-butter voice, electrifying dance skills, and undeniable charm, Whee In could not hide her excitement to perform in front of her Filipino fans. Sam Oh: "Why did you include the Philippines in your tour and how can the fans here make your stop memorable?"

Whee In: "As I have mentioned earlier it was because of the fan's love. You guys were telling me that you're always waiting for me that's the reason why I included the Philippines in my tour. Just your presence alone is already what makes it memorable, it would be nice if you enjoy the concert with me."

Sam Oh: "After successfully touring as a solo artist, what's next for Whee In as a solo artist?"

Whee In: "I started the year with my solo concert "WHEE IN THE MOOD: BEYOND", taking the energy from you guys, all the passion. I will be using this to continue producing very good music in the future and I always want to be consistent with that."

The event was vibrant as Whee In exchanged laughs and stories with the press and some lucky fans. Everyone present got the chance to hear her talk mainly about her journey as a solo artist, Mamamoo being her constant support system, and her greatest takeaways after nearly a decade in the K-Pop industry.

Whee in ended with a warm dimpled smile thanking the press and the lucky fans present.

"Thank you very much for taking the time to come here today and sending in your love and support. I will repay it with a very good stage tomorrow at my concert. Mahal ko kayo!"

Whee In The Mood: Beyond in Manila is presented by LSquared Production PH. This is LSquared's first hallyu event of the many more concerts and fanmeets to come, so stay tuned and follow their social media pages.


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