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Manila swooned by Whee In's voice and enthralling stage presence.

WHEE IN, a singer-songwriter and a member of K-Pop girl group MAMAMOO, spent two hours with her Filo-Moomoos on April 13 at the SM North EDSA Skydome. It has only been a year since she was in the Philippines but that didn't stop the fans from screaming their hearts out for their favorite singer.

Act 1 - WHEE

Whee In opened the show with a Kabuki-Drop entrance. Moomoos started screaming and waving their Moobongs as a spotlight highlighted the singer's silhouette. After a dramatic pause, down came the curtain, and in came her angelic voice singing "I Know I Know I Know (Beyond).

Her first act continued with the performance of her hip and fast-paced songs; "water color," "Spark," "EASY," "TRASH," and "Bite Me."

"Your welcome is so warm! You guys are really hot in terms of cheering. I can't hear myself with all of your screams." "I don't know if I'm doing well because I can't hear myself that much" said Whee In on her first ment.

She also added she was able to try "Crispy Pata" with her team after the media con. "It's really delicious, I like the crispiness and as well as the moist texture of the meat. It was the best!"

The first act of the concert continued with "Butterfly," "Paraglide," and "Make Me Happy." During her "Make Me Happy" performance, Whee In passed the mic to the crowd, an unusual gesture for her as she often sings her songs on her own.

The crowd did not disappoint as they sang every line perfectly in tune, which made the singer’s dimpled smile appear.


After the bridge VCR, an alluring Whee In came out with her all-black + red lips ensemble. Filo-Moos screamed as "DESERVE" started to play. “DESERVE” was originally an [Interlude] for her second EP “WHEE”, she later mentioned that she decided to perform the extended version of the song exclusively for her first concert.

Whee In also shared the meaning behind her tour's title "WHEE IN THE MOOD [BEYOND]" #WheeIntheMoodinManila. "It was a two-part act; “WHEE” and “IN THE MOOD”. It’s my identity as a person & as an artist."

Following the performance of "DESERVE" were "On The Island," "Dance 4 You," "17" and "In The Mood."

Another unreleased concert-exclusive song made the whole venue a little bit hotter as the singer performed a spicy performance of "Shhh.”

In a ment, the singer emotionally said, "To repay you all for the loud cheers, I will show more stages, for your ears, heart, and eyes to be on fire." Whee In then continued to serenade the crowd with her soulful songs "Pastel" and "Here I Am."

DOUBLE ENCORE Wearing her encore ensemble [official concert shirt, a pink cap and oversized denim shorts], Whee In playfully interacted with her fans while she sang "Ohoo," "Springtime" and did a double encore of "D-Day."

After taking group pictures with the audience, Mamamoo PH prepared a fan event for Whee In. The singer clearly fought the urge to cry as the crowd sang a heartwarming rendition of “Letter Filled With Light" while a montage of her journey as a singer was being played. The fan event ended with a promise; “Moomoos will always be with Whee In.”

The concert came to an end with Whee In's rock song "Wheee." The fast-paced song had her fans dancing and singing until the singer's curtain call, or so they thought... Whee In and her team bid goodbye and went backstage only to tease the Moomoos. The singer playfully ran and jumped back to the stage for another round of the song.

The concert finally ended with a big confetti blast and Whee In thanking the fans for a wonderful night.


MMMPH surprised the singer with a Whee In The Mood-themed two-tier cake decorated with butterflies and pearls + a bonus electrical fairy butterfly wings! Truly a gift fit for Whee In.

Whee In's groupie with her Filo-Moos.

'Whee In The Mood [Beyond]' was presented by L-Squared Productions PH, a fast-rising live events promoter in the Philippines. MAMAMOO's Whee In is the first of the many Hallyu stars they are bringing to the Philippines. Follow them on their social media pages: Facebook:

Special thanks to: FanGirlAsia

AHL - for sharing photos

KG - for translations


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