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Break The Wall (not your heart): Dreamcatcher Back in Manila

Exactly a week ago last August 28, the face of rock in kpop, Dreamcatcher, finally made their return to Manila's stage after 4 long years. PH InSomnias may very well proclaim that it was "The End of Nightmare".

Somnies (the fandom's nickname) definitely showed the girls how they have looked forward to this momentous event as two of the major fanclubs, Dreamcatcher PH and InSomnia PH, worked side by side to make the Fan Zone a fun nook for everyone to hang out hours before the concerts. Somnies sang, danced, took photos and gave away their own self-made banners and stickers to support the event.

Jiu, Sua, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami and Gahyeon were all in their element when the concert finally started. They opened the show with "Vision", the title track from their 2022 EP "Apocalypse:Follow Us". This was quickly followed by "Maison", their ode to Mother Earth and ultimately, the song that garnered them their first music show win 1,923 days since they debuted. The energy from the girls was brimming from start to finish, 16 electrifying songs later. And as if that wasn't enough, they added a couple of more songs for encore. "Dreamcatcher:Under The Moonlight in Manila" aptly ended with "Reason" a special fan song to celebrate their 6th anniversary I January of this year.

Meanwhile, the fans gave Sua a surprise birthday cake and sang for her as well, since she turned 29 last August 10th. However, it's heartwarming to note that it wasn't her who cried but rather, Siyeon did. During their ending ment, Siyeon was apologetic for having come back so late (a/n it's OK Singnie, we will wait always!).

Truly, this concert will remain memorable as InSomnias waited well and Dreamcatcher poured their hearts into giving each and every one of their fans a string of performances that is packed with power and passion.

Dreamcatcher:Under the Moonlight in Manila was presented by Random Minds PH.


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