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The Debutante MNL: The Aftermath

Last February 12, a momentous event was held at SM Sky Dome as the phenomenon GAP The Series had a viewing party for its final episode. The GL series, proved to be a hit since it started last November, as it was always on the top trends not only in Thailand but worldwide as well. Particularly, it will always top the Philippine trends as well every episode, proving the popularity of the series. And with that, we were graced by the presence of the leads Freen Sarocha and Becky Armstrong.

They came alongside castmates Nam and Heng, who played Jim and Kirk respectively. They sang a few songs, had a short interview and interacted with the audience. As this was just a viewing event, only a limited number of tickets were sold. But that didn't stop FreenBeck and GAP fans from showing their support, starting from the airport welcome. Fans flocked at SM North Edsa as well hoping to catch a glimpse of the cast. It's safe to say that the crowd that gathered outside far outnumbered those that managed to be inside the Sky Dome.

And as if hearing the please of the disheartened fans who were not able to get their hands on tickets, Idol Factory announced on that same event that FreenBeck will be returning and this time, they will be visiting two cities! Care to take a wild guess where?

The series finale and all episodes of GAP The Series can be seen on Idol Factory's official YouTube channel.

Thank you for bringing FreenBecky in the Philippines, CDM Entertainment. See you real soon? ;)

-Photo credits to CDM Entertainment-


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