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Seasons of GFriend in Manila

South Korean girl group Gfriend successfully held their first concert in the Philippines which took place at the Kia Theatre. Originally slated to take place last August 19th, the concert was pushed back a week due to an incident in the NAIA runway leading to several flights being canceled and delayed. Formed in 2015, the 6-member group has steadily risen in popularity despite coming from a small music label. This is the first major concert for the group which began in South Korea last January leading to an Asian tour which comprised of concerts in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore. They capped it off with concerts from September 8-9 in Seoul as the grand finale for its ongoing Asia tour. On the day of their Manila concert, the group held a red carpet event and presscon wherein vvip ticketholders were also able to attend. They answered a few questions from fans and posed at the photowall much to the delight of the attendees. Vvip ticketholders were also invited for the soundcheck hours before the actual concert.

On to the main event, the concert started at 7 PM, divided into several concepts or “season”. The first season was called “Glass” wherein the girls performed their songs donned in military outfits. The second season was “Flower” wherein all the girls wore sky blue colored outfits and they opened this stage with an acoustic rendition of their latest single “Sunny Summer”.

A break in between seasons, there was a solo stage instead. Each one of the girls performed solo singing some of the biggest hits by other Korean artists. SinB performed BoA’s “Number 1”, Sowon performed Sunmi’s “Gashina”, Umji performed IU’s “23”, Eunha performed Gain’s “Bloom”, Yuju performed Ailee’s “Heaven” and Yerin wrapped up the solo stage with Hyorin’s “U Go Girl”.

Their third stage was called “Awake” which may very well be a coming-out-of-age theme as they wore school girl outfits giving off a fun and youthful vibe. The fourth and final stage was called “Parallel” and this time around the girls wore colorful and stylish outfits that really suited their persona. It was quite a cheerful one as well as all of them came down to and walked around greeting the Buddies, as their fans are called, taking photos and waving hellos at them. While giving their ending speech, they said that they were surprised that the Filipino Buddies were not just doing the fan chants but actually singing loudly along to their songs. Filipinos love for karaoke really did show well as their fans really did sing along to almost every song. And after the concert which lasted for about 3 and a half hours, Gfriend was still not done endearing themselves to the Filipino Buddies as they still held a high touch event with the vvip ticketholders. Notably absent from said high touch was SinB who injured her shoulder during the concert.

At the end of the end, one can definitely say that it was the Season of Gfriend indeed. As the fervor they showed onstage was returned with enthusiasm and warmth by the Buddies. This event was made possible by My Music Taste and Source Music.


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