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Nothing is crazier than Manila traffic but Russ!

American rapper, Russ, made his return to Manila last November 5 as a part of his "The Journey is Everything" World Tour. The start of the show was pushed back, a decision made by Russ himself to allow fans who were stuck in traffic to arrive before beginning the show.

The crowd enjoyed an hour of fun Hip-hop/Rap beats by DJ Calvin da Coordinator while refilling their beer cups and preparing themselves for Russ' set.

Cue -Dim Lights- and the crowd screams! An instrumental beat of "BET" was played as Russ was emerging on stage. In an instant, MOA Arena was literally like a Snow Globe shaken as the floor was shaking from the joyous jumps of the crowd.

From the VIP mosh pit until up to the top section, crowd was seen dancing and spitting Russ' verses as he performed his hits "Handsomer", "Seduce", "Civil War", "What They Want", and even his slow tracks were out of this world. He beautifully sang tracks like "Psycho Pt. 2", "Losin' Control", "Rise Slow" and "Aint' Nobody Takin My Baby" while the crowd opened their flashlights to wave and sing with him.

He ended the night with a huge confetti party all over the moshpit area while singing along "Missin You Crazy" and an encore of "Do it Myself". Lastly he said "There's something special about the Philippines".

Russ "The Journey is Everything" in Manila is made possible by Random Minds Inc. and Karpos Multimedia.


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