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FreenBecky x HOKA Clifton 9

Recent Manila visitors Freen Sarocha and Becky Armstrong, better known by their pairing name FreenBeck, was tapped by French sportswear brand HOKA to promoted their new footwear drop, the Clifton 9. A small event was held in Thailand wherein their fans flocked to see them sing a song and play and run around to test the footwear. While it is unfortunate that the event came to a halt due to Becky being ill, it cannot be discounted that fans and FreenBeck alike had their share of fun.

Coincidentally, HOKA opened its first branch in the Philippines last February 15. The concept store is located at Ayala Malls Manila Bay. Now wouldn't it be awesome if FreenBeck can promote HOKA Clifton 9 in the Philippines too?!

Meanwhile, FreenBeck fans can continue showing their love and support by watching the final episode of GAP The Series on Idol Factory's official YouTube channel.


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