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Day 6 1st World Tour YOUTH in Manila

Just like how most K-pop concerts would go, the New Frontier Theatre (formerly known as Kia Theatre) was already flooded with Day6 fans early October 6, 2018. Fans lined up early to get a good spot within the venue as the concert had a standing crowd setup. Having been around since 2015, Day 6 is only embarking on a world tour this year. A boy band in the truest sense of the word, as members actually do play instruments aside from singing their own songs.

The concert crowd was mostly packed with a young-spirited woman. When the show started, the crowd was right away treated to a spectacular display of lights. Avid fans of the group might probably know that the first song that the band will perform would be “Man in a Movie”. But when Jae Park, Young K, Sungjin, Wonpil, and Dowoon came out on stage to perform, it turned out to be a surprise as the audience had no idea as to what will be the intro song. And as the excitement built into the night, cheers and screams only got louder.

From their song “I Smile” to “Beautiful Feeling”, the crowd sang and grooved along with the gentlemen on stage. One of the much-awaited performances of the night has got to be “Shoot Me”, and Day6 delivered. They brought to the concert stage what the fans were teased with since the beginning of the show. The audience was already swaying along when the set list finally got to another crowd favourite, “You Were Beautiful”, Jae was almost in tears when he briefly spoke that it was the first time that he wasn’t able to sing the first verse because the Filipino fans sang it beautifully, he simply had to let them sing it.

The show was supposed to have ended after “Beautiful Feeling”, but Day 6 knew that their fans will probably ask for more. So after quite a while of hearing the crowd cheer, the band came back in tees to perform “Wish”, “Freely”, and “Sing Me” for their encore.

At the end of the concert, the five of them delivered their appreciation speeches to the crowd. According to some of the band members, they did not expect that they will do well in the Philippines. However, they couldn’t be more wrong, as their fans in the Philippines were exceptional. The Filipino My Day, as their fandom is called, could not have been more enamoured.

Day 6 in Manila was brought to us by JYP Entertainment and MyMusicTaste.


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