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Britney Spears Live in Manila

A drizzling thirstday (or Thursday) it was and the country was in for a show that was 2 decades in the making: Britney Live In Manila. Initial announcement was made late March to the shrieks of Britney Army in the country. Tickets sold out within hours when they were released early April. While it was initially announced that she would have only Manila and Tel Aviv Israel as her Asian destinations, the weeks that followed since the initial announcement unfolded what would be a month-long Asia 2017 tour.

The tour kicked off in Japan for a 2-night extravaganza last June 3-4 and in Osaka last June 6. She then headed to Seoul, then Taipei before finally landing in Manila last June 15. Yes, hours before the concert here, no less! People already flocked to the MOA Arena as early as noon, perhaps foreseeing the queueing and security detail. Britney photo booths were all over the venue, giving fans ample souvenirs while awaiting the concert. And it was at 9 PM when the Arena was at a standstill awaiting the Pop Princess and she did not disappoint! Kickstarting what would be the first act of the night with her hits "Work Bitch", "Womanizer", "Piece of Me".

The concert was patterned after her "Britney: Piece of Me" show in Vegas, which has been running since 2013 and shall commence by December of this year. Said show is divided into several acts, each having of which with its own theme like a circus theme, Japanese, jungle, to name a few. Quickly venturing on with "Me Against The Music" and "Gimme More". As to be expected, the loudest cheer came on when she sang her first and arguably most nostalgic hit "Baby One More Time. As if that wasn't enough, she then performed yet another firecracker," Oops, I Did It Again. At one point in the concert, she performed to a string of Missy Elliot Songs before she reverted to her other hits such as "Circus" , "If You Seek Amy" and "Slumber Party". There really was no dull moment in the entirety of the show, from the intricately designed stage and props to the very energetic dancers up to the absolute vivacious Kween herself. She wrapped up the show with a serving of triple whammy "Toxic", "Stronger" and "(You Drive Me) Crazy". Or so we thought. She skillfully ended it with an encore of "Till The Word Ends".

​ It would be notable to mention that she skipped her ballads or some of her slower songs such as "Lucky", "From The Bottom of My Broken Heart", "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know", "Perfume" to name a few.

But one hit that was really missed by the audience was "Sometimes". It was her second hit which came out after "Baby One More Time" during the 90s and you know how fans made up for it? After the concert ended, fans still stayed in the lobby of the MOA Arena as songs of Britney were still being played and it was such a heartwarming display of affection for their idol as everyone was singing along to "Sometimes" as if there was still a concert going on.

Truly, the love of the Filipino fans for Britney did not wane through the years, despite all the controversies the popstar weathered through in the past. Well worth the years and years of waiting and when she came, she was ever the all-out performer we've come to love.

Britney Spears will continue the Asia tour with another 2-night concert, this time in Bangkok on June 23-24, Singapore on June 30 and finally, Tel Aviv on July 3rd.

Britney Live In Manila was presented by Wilbros Live.


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