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Aromagicare teases new Thai Ambassadors

Aromagicare, Wide International's brand of wellness products has been making a solid mark the past few years in both the local and global markets, with Aromagicare Therapy oil being in the forefront of their products. Not merely settling with being promoted by local personalities, they have recently tapped actress Park Eun Bin as their Korean Ambassador. Eun Bin made waves last year for the series Extraordinary Attorney Woo, wherein she played the lead role as a lawyer with autism.

But Aromagicare does not stop making their presence felt there. Recently, they have been teasing about their new Thai Ambassadors, yes, there's more than one! They will be officially announced on April 24, just a month from now. Only clues they've given thus far is that there is an "F" and there is a "B".

Now can you guess who these lovely ladies are?

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