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All About AcadArena's CONQuest Festival 2023

Philippines' biggest gaming and pop culture festival is back and it's bigger than ever. AcadArena's annual shindig, CONQUEST 2023 is going to be a 3-day festival in 5 different venues. It's going to be a weekend-long full of activities, attractions, and musical night with a jam-packed lineup of artists, YouTubers, and celebrities.

In a Facebook post CONQuest posted it's first teaser for CONQuest 2023.

"Blue skies await you next June

#CQ2023# #SummerStartsHere". As the event is nearing, you may find the list of activities through so you can better prepare in this awesome journey.


Day 1

The 3-day event will kick-off on June 2 with Stage Activity being headlined by Fuslie and Valkyrae while the MeetZone will be graced by Pokimane and Michael Reeves. And as if that's not enough, there will also be a Rave Night with James Landino and Hyper Potions. And need we add that all these activities are for free?!


Day 2

For day 2 (June 3), Stage Activity will be headlined by Sykkuno and Newt while the MeetZone will have IGumdrop and Lilypichu among others. You can also buy tickets for a Meet and Greet with The Rose, Tuonto, Atsu, and more! Band night will then have everyone swooning over The Rose, James Reid, Autotelic and several other musical guests.


Day 3

To wrap up a weekend of adventure, day 3 (June 4) Stage Activity will be headlined by Pokimane and The Rose while MeetZone will have Valkyrae, Sykunno, Neokomaru and more!


We cannot forget our talented voice-actors, cosplayers and creators as they will grace the Questers on all 3 days! What a jam packed deal!


Don't have any tickets yet? Worry no more questers, you still have a chance to grab yourself some tickets via so let's go on an adventure!

And to make sure you are all comfy for the whole 3 days, you may relax at partner hotels Hotel101 Manila, Selah Lofts Hotel, Selah Pod Hotel, The Selah Garden Hotel, and The Heritage Hotel Manila for a discounted price. Visit to know more.

Choose your adventure wisely, Questers. Refer to this Adventure Map and plan your quest ahead! ;)

Follow these official social media pages so you won't lose your way in this quest:


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