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Park Eun Bin To Hold A Fan Meet In Manila This June

Park Eun-bin, whose popularity rose through the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” will be coming back to Manila for a fan meeting.

Practice your "Dong to the Geu to the Ra-mi." when Eun-bin says "Woo to the Young to the Woo!" on the 24th of June at the New Frontier Theater.

Local promoter Wilbros Live made the announcement on Thursday, May 10.

"Prepare for a wonderful day filled with love and amazing moments as the Philippines once more meets the internationally renowned and multiple award-winning actress," teased Wilbros Live on their social media caption.

This fanmeet is a Fan Meet made possible by Aromagicare, a Filipino-owned company. Eun-Bin officially became the first Korean ambassador of the said brand last October. Founder and president Pauline Publico said, “Making her the face of Aromagicare can positively give the brand its well-deserved boost in popularity because we really want to take things to the next level this 2022! We are lucky to have someone well-admired as her right now.”

Are you guys excited? We all are!

Follow Aromagicare and Wilbros Live's official media accounts here:



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