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GAP The Series Manila Viewing Party Sold Out in just 5 Minutes!

Who run the world? Girls! Beyoncé may very well have been foretelling the future when she released that song. As arguably the most popular GL pairing is sweeping hearts across the world these days. We are talking about Freen Sarocha Chankimha and Becky Armstrong, popularly known as FreenBeck, who are making history (or should we say HERstory) in the first Thai GL drama, Gap The Series. It's adapted from the Thai novel, Gap Yuri that's centered around Mon and her idol, Royal descendant Khun Sam.

The characters of Mon and Khun Sam traverse through such varied “gaps” throughout the series. From the time it premiered last November 2022,views remain to be upwards while being in top Twitter trends every episode premiere. But all good and beautiful things must come to an end. And it's an end that will be celebrated with a bang as CDM Entertainment brings to us The Debutante Manila, a viewing party for the series finale. It will be held at SM Skydome this February 12.

A similar event will be held in Thailand 2 days prior, and ticket for said event actually was sold-out in a span of 8 minutes, for a theater with a 1,200 seating capacity. But Filipinos surely did not disappoint as the tickets for the Manila viewing party managed to be sold-out in 5 minutes, and that's 1,500 seats! Hours later and trends such as #FreenBecky and BIGGER VENUE were still in the top trends as fans clamor for either a day 2 or a much bigger venue to accommodate more fans. CDM Entertainment has released a statement not to give in to scalpers as they shall look into it. Here's to hoping more fans can get to savor the finale in the presence of the lovely ladies Freen and Becky!

Check out CDM Entertainment's official announcement here:


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