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"The Debutante: A Watch Party for the Uncut Last Episode of GAP The Series"

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The past couple of years saw the rise of BL (Boys’ Love) Thai dramas. As most of us were pretty much stuck within the confines of our homes due to the global pandemic. It should therefore not come as a surprise that Thailand's first GL drama, GAP The Series, is currently making waves worldwide since it started airing last November both in local Thai channel and on Idol Factory's official YouTube account. It is an adaptation of the Gap Yuri novel about Mon, whose dream is to work at the company owned and helmed by Khun Sam, a Mom Luang (a royal descendant). While the characters Mon (played by Becky Armstrong) and Khun Sam (played by Freen Sarocha Chankimha), better known by their pairing name FreenBeck, have their own challenges on the series, there were also obstacles that could've led to the series not pulling through. First off, there were really no investors for the series, funding came from the own pocket of Idol Factory CEO, Saint, who is also a popular BL actor. There were also some negative reactions during the promotional teaser which led to some changes during the actual shoot. Likewise, it was also a struggle to fill up the 300+ venue capacity during the show premiere last November 2022.

Fast forward to January 2023, Gap The Series trends worldwide every Saturday night (TH time) and FreenBeck are in various magazine covers in China and likewise are always trending in Twitter as well. And it will have a viewing event come February 10 at a 1200-capacity venue no less. The event is sponsored by hair colour brand Farger, which coincidentally is being promoted by FreenBeck and is responsible for Freen’s flaming red locks and Becky’s carrot hair (she endearingly says so). And what a wild ending it will be as tickets for said event were sold out in about 8 minutes!

Now on to even better news, CDM Entertainment will bring Freen and Becky over for our very own viewing party for the final episode. It will be held at SM Skydome this February 12. Tickets will be available on their site this January 30, 2023. May the odds be in your favor then!

Check additional information here at CDM Entertainment's official posts here:


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